Re: Willamette DG maintenance

Greg Johnson

Thanks guys.

We saw that happened on Sunday while 3 of us joined Mike Storrs on his quest to shoot 47 on his 47th.

In the end with the wind, we could not manage a combined 7 down!

I'm waiting for further update from parks on Adair, where they have wood chipping planned for this week. 
I asked Mark Martin to check Adair each afternoon and offer some direction on where to dump chip piles.

Hopefully it gets reopened soon maybe without the woods holes initially, and i can organize a couple of work parties to get chips to the woods.

Thanks to Malcolm at Peak tree care we are getting great wood chips to help both courses which have taken a beating with increased use.

Greg J

On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 8:48 AM, Bryce Downey
<dbrycedowney@...> wrote:
One pile gone again, thanks to Crawdad and a new volunteer, Michael. We appreciate the supply of materials to the ongoing maintenance of the park. Volunteering like we all do is also appreciated. Good luck Michael in finishing your degree in biomechanical engineering in the spring term.

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