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Robert Voss

(crying inside) Okay, thanks for the update. I'll leave the FB update to you Mark.

Willamette is seeing big use with Adair closed. Thats great! Huge thank you to Bryce Downey for all his efforts at Willamette with wood chips spreading, as well as a handful of community members!

If anyone has time before Sunday, the wood chips left near hole 12 walkout or wherever else can go to 14. I don't have the tools or the time at the moment. Sorry, I've taken on another "hobby" that has already led to augmenting my income 🙂

I will be moving Willy baskets tomorrow for the tournament Sunday. I'll also fix the OB lines that need it.

Handicap league tomorrow at 10 am at Willamette, with PDGA option.



On Fri, Feb 26, 2021, 8:48 AM Greg Johnson via <> wrote:
Hi all,

I contacted Shane from parks yesterday about the lack of progress cleaning up Adair.

We should anticipate the park remaining closed at least through the first week of March.
We may need to keep the woods holes closed even longer until further cleanup and bark chipping work can happen out there, and we can organize work parties to get what we can help with done.

Apparently other park users have a bigger issue with reading comprehension than disc golfers.
"Park Closed" could not be more clear.
The plastic bags over the baskets are a clear deterrent to golfers.

I have asked Mark Martin to make an updated FB post on the status of Adair and the expectations for it to remain closed.

Meanwhile, club members are welcome to contact me and come out and play my Blodgett Woods course, which is in great shape.


Greg Johnson

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I know.  I had chipping planned for today and tomorrow. Guy in charge of today’s work called in sick and most likely will tomorrow. I had corrections crew out today however without chipper didn’t accomplish very much.  I just hired a young man on a sixty day emergency hire to help out. My plan is to have guys out there Wednesday Thursday and Friday next week.  Oh and I also have our senior ranger on light duty from a back sprain. I’m doing what I can but my time is very limited.  I even have fairgrounds staff helping out as much as possible.  I’m on it,  unfortunately it’s not going well for man power.  I included the new director on this email so she’s aware of current status.  Another issue I had today was the work crew being constantly interrupted by people ignoring our signs and driving right into the park and some were driving right passed the crew. Each time the corrections deputy had to stop what he was doing and ask the persons to leave. 

On a good note we are currently recruiting for open positions so I’ll have more help soon.





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I went by Adair today to check on the cleanup progress this week which as you probably know is nil.

No one was in the park that I could see from a short walk down path as far as tennis courts.

Golfers are chomping at the bit to get out and play and help clean up the course, but I understand the tree hazardsneed to be dealt with.


Regards, Greg


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