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Greg Johnson

Treasury Report:

We were in the hole on the Willy baskets with the $700 in shipping costs we tapped out all but about $200-250 of the club funds. So we spent pretty much $1500 in club working capital in addition to the $ raised for Willy baskets.  I deposited $450 yesterday which should put enough $ in but some of that $ is really for the tournament in May. The team fees from April Fools Dubs will help cover the insurance bill in May.

I figure we need to raise $7k to cover the 22 baskets for Adair including freight, so we need to raise a good deal more than you are estimating.

The baskets for Willamette shipped from CA. I have not seen a delivery update or gotten a call to arrange delivery yet, but expected this week. I will likely start assembly, and take pictures of delivery and assembly.

I will work on a repacking plan to use my cargo trailer to haul the assembled baskets to Willamette using my cargo trailer. I will save cardboard from the shipping boxes, to help with packing to avoid dinging up powder coat during transport. We will need to plan our install project and close the course for a few hours, sometime after I host April Fools Dubs in Blodgett on 4/3.


On Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 7:25 PM, Robert Voss
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Hey all,

Quick update,

The baskets for Willamette should be here anytime. Then we figure out the logistics. We are still fundraising for Adair.

Thanks to Scott Withers for collecting some basket donations from his tournament. That's another $120! In addition to the $184 collected at our Blodgett tournament, and with the donations being matched by William Gaskill during March, and that's another $600 into the basket fund!

Also, Rob Dudenhoeder has donated $315 (and $50 earlier, too) to cover the cost of a basket. Thanks Rob!

I am estimating that we need another $3k to fully fund the rest of the baskets for Adair. Look for a couple fundraiser announcements in the near future.


El Pres

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