President's Cup B-Tier, and announcements

Robert Voss

Hello all,

The big announcement is the opening of registration for the President's Cup! Tee sign sponsor registration is already open, and general registration opens tomorrow morning. Some of the amateur selections are first come, first serve, such as Innova disc selection. Details on Disc Golf Scene

In other news, Greg Johnson and company has I think 12 baskets installed and he plans to have all 18 in by tomorrow. We have the money for the Adair baskets after I finish collecting the last commitment, and then $500 is reimbursement after I complete the steps to request it. Sadly, the timing with the tournament and the struggles of compatibility to our existing in-ground equipment looks to have delayed basket installation at Adair until after the big tournament. I never planned to have baskets at either course by this time, but then there was a momentary glimmer of hope to get it done by the President's Cup, but the door closed. We almost had it! Special thanks to Greg because we would not be this far along if not for him.

Handicap league will start up again on Tuesday next week, the 13th, at 5:30 PM at Willamette. We are resuming the Saturday league and carrying over the rounds and handicaps. Same deal, takes 2 weeks to set a handicap, then it is $5 a week buy in, paying out $4 to top 45%.

We will also start a new PDGA league that night for those that want to record their raw scores. $2 per week.

Bag tag finale is still May 1. Yes, I am aware of a B-tier that was announced 2 days after I announced this. Multiple schedules coincided to make this the day that was selected, we are almost half way into the year and like 3 years past the other league. We are doing it and getting it done and moving on. We have $600 on the line. Whoever shows up is getting paid. Must have a 2017 Willamette Valley tag or a 2020 Willamette Disc Golf Club tag. your tag is your entry and how you will be seeded. No tag, no entry, no exceptions.

I said I was going to do virtual tags, but I really don't like it. I want a physical bag tag. I just do. So we'll get bag tags. I'll take feedback until May 4th on whether folks want to pay $5 to just have a numbered tag, or pay $10 and have the extra $5 go to a finale (that will happen in 2021).

Adair is back open for events with some added restrictions! Yay! The President's Cup will be our first tournament at Adair in over a year! HUGE shoutout to especially Greg Johnson and Mark Martin for all their work out there, and all the helpers along the way. That course would not be what it is without these two!

Along the same lines, Special thank you to Bryce Downey for all his efforts at Willamette, and Lonnie Drouhard, as well as Dakota Trufant, and all others. They went to great efforts spreading wood chips around Willamette for us!

I just want to say how I see and love how the disc golf community has come together over the course of 2020 and into 2021. It makes my heart happy to see more and more people getting involved and seeing all these great things being accomplished! <3

Onwards and upwards for Willamette Disc Golf Club! Get out there and go throw on those new baskets at Willamette and enjoy the improving weather! The chains sound amazing, even if my score isn't automatically improving!


Robert Voss
President, Tournament Director
Willamette Disc Golf Club

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