Re: Handicap League is wrapping up

Doug Ulfers

Thanks Mike...You run a good show!..What about those Goofers that go from a positive to a negative handicap..?
Doug U

On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 8:06 AM, evilhatechild <mikestorrs@...> wrote:

There are only two events left, today and Tuesday. Handicap will then take a 6 month hibernation and will awaken around the spring equinox. Good timing too, my printer is about out of ink.

The best part of running handicap has been seeing good golfers become great and watching new golfers gain experience. I often hear that HCP is a golfers first time keeping score. It becomes a chance for new golfers to learn many of the rules for the first time. I also like hearing the pride in a golfers tone when they talk about going from a negative to a positive handicap.

We managed to gain over $500 this year for the tractor fund. I originally was going to put it into savings but I changed course a bit. Billy rented a stump grinder and Everett rented a chipper with their own money so I paid them back with tractor funds. The left over cash will go to the club and be earmarked for machinery rentals. It should be enough to get a major mow in next year on 4, 5, and 14.

This is too long already. No one is left reading at this point.

Mike Storrs

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