Re: Soil for Willamette Hole 8

Greg Johnson

no objections but I would think that parks could provide these materials.  Greg Alpert may have greater success with Steve M. from parks.

--- On Fri, 9/14/12, John W. Ross wrote:

From: John W. Ross
Subject: [wdgc] Soil for Willamette Hole 8
To: wdgc@...
Date: Friday, September 14, 2012, 7:40 AM

The new double mound placement has a problem with tires not quite covered by soil.

It needs a couple of yards of something to cover. I have a call in to Steve McGettigan but am not getting the courtesy of a return call as of this posting.

I did check out soil prices at the Tack Room yesterday and they run about $20-26 per cubic yard, depending on the richness of the material.

I would like to get something out there in time for Tuesday's pin installation. Does anyone within the sound of this email object to dropping $40-50 to get the new placement covered so tires aren't exposed?

All in favor? Opposed?



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