Re: Adair & Takena Landing

Bill Gaskill

I'm thinking we should hit the berm on 5 and put the basket up there for the tourney.  what do you all think? 

On Sep 19, 2012 10:43 PM, "David" <kmc31fly@...> wrote:

Man Adair is looking great, so did Storrs get a tractor out there to mow Cambodia or what? Seriously nice job, I played a round instead as there wasn't really anything I could find to knock down.

Takena Landing will be 9 holes maybe 10 and will play from the parking lot back toward the entrance along the Willamette river and then back to the parking lot along both sides of the entrance road closer to highway 20 but not that close to highway 20. I think it has great potential and the holes will be shorter on average than those at Bryant. How much shorter remains to be seen.


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