Re: Course closed sign & items

Greg Johnson

I have been keeping that ugly old sign stashed in my townhouse garage at  2641 NW Ginseng Place.  You can drop it off there along with the other materials you don't want to truck around.  

While the #1 toe box could use some smashing.  The way the other extensions are filled seems pretty good.  The vertically placed bricks filled with gravel seem like they should hold up and help water drain in the wet season.

These are just follow through run off areas not part of the teebox for planting your foot.

Greg J

On Sep 25, 2012, at 10:28 AM, "John W. Ross" <johnr414@...> wrote:


I picked up the blue course closed sign at Willamette yesterday. Where's it belong? I'll bring it to Monday's meeting barring something better.

I've also got 37 of the bricks for toe boxes and six sold concrete 6X12 in bricks that might want to go to Adair or be used at Willamette.

Still not sure how and whether to redo some of our first attempts to brick toe boxes at Willamette. Open to ideas.

I also ended up with a 60 pound bag of Sacrete that can go somewhere, other than the back of my truck. I also need to find a use for a four-foot rod of rebar or someplace to store it until the club comes up with a use.

I thought of using it to secure tee signs at Willamette when I was thinking about using wood sections from a Black Locust.

RSVP at will.


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