Letter to Corvallis Parks and Responses

John W. Ross <johnr414@...>

I sent my letter to Parks as intended on Friday the 21st.

I'll attach a copy of it here along with a PDF of the Final Council Recommendations. I'll also post text of the exchanges
(emphases provided) that have occurred so far, starting with Councilor Richard Hervey .

I'll attach my observations and comments after.



Good Afternoon,


 You may have noticed this email to me from John Ross on my City email.  John has expressed his concerns to me verbally and I asked that he put them in writing so that I could forward them to staff.  As Stephen and Karen are probably aware, John is one of several home grown national champions in disc golf.  We even have one who makes part of his living from sponsorships and giving lessons!  I’ll follow this up in a minute with a second reference email that John supplied.


I also note that Greg Alpert, who I believe serves as the disc golf club’s liaison to Parks and Rec also called me recently.  While he didn’t say it directly, I think he was concerned that John might say something that would damage the good relationship between the club and Parks and Rec.


Speaking as their City Councilor and a very novice disc golf player and thus a person who benefits directly both from Parks and Rec’s efforts and those of the disc golf club, and especially John Ross, who I see frequently doing maintenance on the course, I appreciate all of your efforts.  And I look forward to continued coordination and good relations.






Hi Richard,


Thanks for forwarding John’s letter of concern to me.  It’s especially helpful as I thought Parks and Recreation had a very strong partnership with the Disc Golf Club.  Jay Sexton is the club’s representative per the agreement.  Staff will review the recommendations from the original management plan and summarize what has been implemented. Staff is midway in the review our current agreement with the club and I’ll follow up with you with my findings.


Karen Emery, Director

Corvallis Parks and Recreation

My notes and comments:


1. Richard’s letter sounds supportive of the game, shows some exposure to it, understood the concern behind Greg’s call and supports “continued coordination and good relations. I read that as supporting my basic request for better collaboration and inclusion.


2. Parks hasn’t met with the club president/representative for quite a while—at least since Everett became president and liaison.


3. The request is especially timely since the club/Parks agreement is under review. Karen Emery thinks everything is hunky dory between Parks and the Disc golf community or the club at least.


4. I do not know what’s in the agreement she mentions, when it was reached and how often and how recently it’s been revisited or with whom.


I would certainly like to know.


Even more immediately, I would like to know if the club supports improved coordination and cooperation between us and them. If club members are in stead satisfied with the current state of affairs, relationship and status of the course, I should hear that. I’ll do a club survey to sort that out.


Personally, I would like to see something of a complete makeover of the course, including upgrades of holes to add distance and improve challenges through more pin placements and tee pad repairs and relocations. This assumes Parks climbs fully on board and opens to thinking and looking outside of the box.


Hopefully, members can come prepared to Monday’s meeting to share aspirations and brainstorm a bit on what we would like to see happen at the Willamette Course.


Jay has e-mailed me that money will be their big issue. I believe, however, the club can do much of the upgrading and perhaps underwrite any expenses if we can have two or three fundraising events at Willamette. That’s how the course got started and how most courses become a reality.


As I mentioned at the last meeting, Willamette Graystone is open to an in-kind contribution of pavers. Other local business should be willing to contribute trees and shrubs, soil, lumber, concrete, tractor time or whatever else might be needed.


Think about these things and prepare to respond.


Thanks and cheers,



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