Re: New Stock Disc Order

Bill Gaskill

you rock dave!

thanks for keeping us in plastic.

I've got about $100 in club plastic coming...feels like @#$&% christmas!


On Sep 30, 2012 9:43 PM, "David" <kmc31fly@...> wrote:

Arrived on Friday and will be at the Club meeting. Proto first run stamped Champion Dominators and Blizzard Dominators, Grippy Star Destroyers (5 sold already), Star Sidewinders, Star Teebirds, Pumpkin 2012 Rocs & Aviars, KC Rocs, JK Aviars, Yeti Aviars and ...

ps Dominator is a speed 13 disc between a Katana and a Boss on the stability chart, sounds like a faster Destroyer to me.

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