Blodgett Random Doubles Saturday

Greg Johnson

Dr. Bob please forward to the club distribution list that you have put together.
Hi all,
So who's up for some random doubles at 11:00 on Saturday?
Same fee as normal Sunday doubles, pending Craig & Mike's potential participation and decision on whether or not to include in their weekly series and Ace Pot.
I was reminded today that I have my dog, house and course this Saturday with my kids going away with their mom until Sunday.  I decided it is as good a day as any to encourage people to come out and play. Sorry for the short notice. 
Trees are leafed out and holes 5 & 7 modified since the invitational.  The course record stands at 48 if anyone wants to stick around and take a crack at that after doubles.  Kelly broke Eric's record 49 which stood for a week or so.
I thank those that have loaned baskets to my course since the invitational and hope many of you can make it out Saturday.  (Kelly, Mike S, Mark, Crawdad, Hoop, & Ron)  Currently have 11 baskets and 7 tones, so anyone who can bring a basket to displace tones on the shorter holes for the day that would be great.  
Greg J

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