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John W. Ross <johnr414@...>

I mean if cheesy little Flagstaff Arizona can have 5 courses and host two Worlds with a population of 65,000, why are we somehow ingrates for asking for a second course that doesn't require all that much driving? Unsustainable distances, etc and so on.

I'm so stoked about this, I'm willing to quit my job to help make it happen.

But I still think there are ways to make Willamette one kick ass course.

Follow me around. I'll show you some stuff you won't believe.

All about leverage, and I'm sensing we can either get it or have enough already.


On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 2:44 PM, John W. Ross <johnr414@...> wrote:
True dat. I think the idea was to move away from Willamette and a little further away from populations. So I'd be good with that.

There's property off Walnut and back side of Something (Bald?) Hill, Fitton Green--places where we've played temporary presidents cup events that would work. Hey, move the baskets from Willamette if that makes the neighbor's happy.

But I especially like the taking a raw idea and layering on something.

That's all I'm saying.


On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 12:00 PM, mike gibson <disharoonone@...> wrote:

Question for long-time club members--in the original disc golf document from the City, they seem to make a strong commitment to finding another location to build a course in the City or the County.  Were they instrumental in building or finding the location of the Adair course. If not, have they done anything regarding siting another course?
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Glad you got it Billy. This actually is reassuring as we have club members that can.
Mr Ross is very active at the moment and that is great. Motivation and dedication get things done.
I just can’t read through his messages and glean the information as easily as I should be able to.
Love the effort though.
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I got it kc.  "it's time".  I agree with john on this one.  I'm pretty fired up.  I could get really excited about helping build a new grade a, gold level, (kick &$$?) course round these parts.
and hey, how about some elevation this time around?  the coastal range is begging for baskets!
On Oct 4, 2012 8:56 AM, "John W. Ross" <johnr414@...> wrote:
Just one more thing:

A couple months back, I cut myself repairing my son's new house in Springfield. I didn't have bandages but espied a small Walgreen's drug chain unit there along the entrance ramp to I105/126. Approaching the checkout counter, I saw a wall of golfing discs at least half the size of the display at First Alt South.

Can you imagine? In Springfield? At Walgreens? Closest decent course 15 miles away? With Blizzard plastic for sale? (Uh, check that!)

So it's time. This sport is in a new geometric, accelerating growth mode this club and this town can capitalize on if they can get with a vision.

Course it could all got to spit if we don't somehow miraculously avoid the financial cliff that's been built into our future thanks to Congress and a pliant Oval Office. (Not that we should talk politics on this forum. Not overtly.)

On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 8:34 AM, John W. Ross <johnr414@...> wrote:
We could stage the demonstration part of the clinics out on some open space and videotape them for the meeting segment, a la Distance with Dion at:

Or just show the YouTube version--make some of our own. I gots a hot camera (I'm actually looking to fence. (Got it from my son)).

And notice that right after my 40 minutes entertainment goal, I suggested a goal of 20 minutes for the business portion of the meeting, which is doable if presenters will state how much time they actually need to say how many discs the club has, how much money, how a tournament went and on and on.

You're right it should come after essential business is conducted. It should also be worth the price of admission. That means it's sooo tasty and inviting people want to actually stay if the business meeting runs over to the full hour.

And yes, I am committing to an EXTREME COURSE MAKEOVER as a goal. I'm not asking whether it's reasonable or probable or any other such creativity killing questions. But I'm asking MEMBERS--current and future (see quadrupling active member goal)--to get behind looking through those lenses, however rose colored.

When we ask for something, actually put it out there to friends, family, patrons, perfect strangers, Crazy Joes, funny things happen. People in this country come to the aid of a good idea if you're willing to carefully vet it and stand up and fight for what you believe in.

If you don't ask the universe for anything, you're pretty sure to get it.

So I can come up with my part of a vision that would create a World Class course at Willamette that will be a destination site for a city that most likely has the most per capita World Champions of any city in the country or the world. It's earned it. But I have no intention of doing it alone or without better vision and experience than I have. We have the talent within this smaller community of disc golfers, and greater community of Corvallis, considering land architects, permaculture educators, construction folks, guys (or gals) on green tractors, city councilors who are alive because of their Ultimate background and businesses willing to give over a whole wall to the display and sales of golfing discs.

I can help get it started, maybe. But I'm counting on unseen forces to come to my and our aid in ways we cannot now imagine.

What nobody can do is move anything forward in the face of overwhelming negativity--quitting without trying, throwing in the towel without even making a half arsed attempt. If that's what we've got here, it's time to schedule a burial.

And then a revival.

The club is dead: Long live the club.

I'm no Willard M. Romney. You'll see my details--none of them cast in stone and all of them inviting even better ideas.

Because I believe the way to get a good idea is to get lots of ideas. And I know the best way to foster creative ideas is to take any idea ANY and ask what you like about it before you trash it with things you don't like about it or why it'll never fly. There's a time for judging. And it comes at the end of exhausting the possible benefits of choosing a different path, trying a new idea.

And if all this falls down and goes to sheit, I'll be able to say I tried. Dog dammit, I tried.

That's all I know so far.

On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 7:49 AM, Everett Kaser <everett@...> wrote:
John wrote...
> Fun, 40 minute entertainment, information segments at club meetings (eg.
> thumber, putting or roller clinics, new disc behavior, whatever);
Woodstocks might object to discs flying and rolling through the

Seriously, though, some folks already think that the meetings ramble
on and on at times.  So I think any such presentations would need
to be "after meeting" options, so those not interested would not need
to stick around for them.  And, of course, that could be done now by
anyone interested in making such presentations, and/or clinics could
be offered at either of the courses at any time.  The latter might be
a good way to troll for new members, too.  Of course, it will come back
to finding VOLUNTEERS to DO said clinics.

> $10,000 local merchant-sponsor contributions for Willamette extreme course
> makeover;
You keep mentioning "Willamette extreme course makeover."  If you
expect anyone to take this seriously, I think you're going to have
to come up with a more detailed description of exactly what you're
thinking of, briefly and succinctly.  No one's going to buy into
"bigger AND better!" without specific details.  With details, then
we can start arguing about the feasibility of wrangling the city into
ALLOWING the changes.  Without details (at least, general details) it's
going to be a no-starter, I suspect.


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