2013 Priorities

Greg Johnson

Answering Mike's question.
As far as I know the Corvallis Parks had nothing to do with inspiring or supporting a course at Adair.  I'm not aware of any suggestions from parks about locations for an additional course.
We mainly have Pat Farrell to thank (long ago moved to S. Carolina).  Pat set up many a temporary course scouting parks in the area.  Some events were in offseasons to avoid conflicts with other park users.  Pat had 9 baskets plus a few from friends.  He ran the first tournament at Adair in 97 or 98.  This was long before the woods holes were conceived.  Avery Park & Walnut Park were each used on more than one occasion.
So many years, since this club has backed putting a whole new course in of any scale.  Kind of sad in a way.  But the club has had it's challenges maintaining the courses we have.  Both are in good shape right now but still need some work.  Thanks to all that have, and will put hours into the course enhancement, maintenance, and picking up garbage during rounds.
I have little time to look into it, but I like the idea of doing some new things and expand into other areas at Willamette.  It might not be represented often enough at club meetings, but we have better relations with Corvallis Parks & Rec than we ever have.  We have Greg Alpert and Jay Sexton to thank primarily.  I believe the club would be best served by keeping it that way and working through them on ideas and approach to parks.  Let's explore what's possible, implement what we can, then get some quality signage in at Willamette.
We can simultaneously search for potential sites for another course.  Elevation - yes. 
We can't wait for OSU to build a course.  That is unlikely to happen due to land use limitations.
Greg J

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