Re: $300 club donation to Takena Landing (Albany)


Everett wrote...
The Disc Golf Club of Albany is putting in a 9 or 10 hole course at
Takena Landing (the park between highway 20 and the Willamette River,
on your right coming from Corvallis, just before you cross the bridge
into Albany). This area stays open year-around, and it only floods
rarely (when the Willamette floods across highway 34). There are
already two baskets (moved from Simpson Park) in the ground, and they
are gathering funds to buy the rest of the baskets.
At last night's meeting, David Pittman made a motion to have the club
donate $300 in support of buying the new baskets. The motion was
seconded, and the vote was 11 yes and 3 no. If you did not attend
the meeting and you wish to vote on this matter, send me your vote
by email (or call me by phone) no later than Noon, next Tuesday, October 9th.
Last chance to vote. So far there has been one additional vote, in
favor. The vote now stands at 12 yes and 3 no. Barring a sudden
in-swell of no votes, the Treasurer will be cleared to write a check
for $300 at Noon tomorrow, Tuesday, October 9th.


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