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Well of course Kelly a free meal for you (you might bless us with your presence) and absolutely  no support of Doubles,  I'll buy that!!! I think your comment is indicative of the thought that many are putting into the future of the club.


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Date: Monday, November 5, 2012, 12:46 PM


I think another priority we could vote on should be the mythical doubles BBQ. Maybe Mike can get Billy to organize it.

(I would have saved this for the meeting, but Everett has put a gag order on me)

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Subject: [wdgc] 2013 Priorities VOTE

Here's the current 'ballot' that I'll be bringing to tonight's meeting
for folks to vote on for 2013 priorities. If you have additions you
like to add to it, best get them to me soon. Voting on this item
will commence today (by email), tonight (at the meeting), and over the
next week (by email). You may note that I've changed, from my earlier
posting, the number of votes available to each member (from 3 to 5),
and also added the ability for you to assign more than one of your
votes to the same item (if you feel strongly about it).


Everett Kaser Software Logic & Puzzle Games for computers
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Albany OR 97321-0117 Phone: 541-928-5259 8am-8pm PACIFIC TIME

2013 WDGC Club Priorities Vote MEMBER'S NAME__________________________

Each club member has FIVE votes they may allocate as they wish. You
may vote for 5 separate items or place all 5 of your votes on a single
item or split your 5 votes in some other fashion between any number
of items from 1 to 5. You may, of course, WRITE IN your own priority
not on this list and assign to it however many of your 5 votes you wish.
Just be aware that write-ins are unlikely to accumulate enough votes
unless a secret cabal schemes to all write in the same priority.
Write in the blank before each priority the number of your votes you
wish to assign to that priority. Any ballot with votes tallying MORE
than 5 will not be counted.

The top 5 voted items will become the club's "Official Priorities" for 2013.

REMEMBER: Any priority you vote for, you should be willing to at least
work ON (in a leadership role or as a helper, but at least contribute
in some fashion). We'll accomplish nothing by setting priorities for

___ 1) New course
___ 2) New signage at Willamette
___ 3) Club garbage containers at Adair (tee's 4,6,7,8,9,10, walk-out 11)
___ 4) Concrete tees at Adair
___ 5) Hole expansions and/or relayout at Willamette
___ 6) Doubling monthly meeting attendance
___ 7) Doubling club membership
___ 8) Minimum $2000 club cash-on-hand
___ 9) Representative to Parks and Recreation Board meetings and reports
___ 10) Quarterly meetings with Corvallis Parks & Rec on collaboration
___ 11) Full participation in the decision making process regarding courses
___ 12) Representatives to & From OSU and Albany Clubs with monthly WDGC reports;
___ 13) A two-day Civil War OSU/OU team event fundraising benefits at Willamette Park
___ 14) A two-day Townies vs. Schoolies (OSU) team event at Willamette Park
___ 15) Doubling of doubles & Handicap League participation and income
___ 16) Completion and acceptance of Complete Willamette Disc Golf Course re-design
___ 17) Completion and acceptance of five-year master plan for Willamette & Adair
___ 18) Courses in good repair and improved as needed (signs, pads, baskets)
___ 19) Doubling of native Oregon plantings (safety, ecologic and esthetic)
___ 20) $20 annual Dues, discount of up to $10 at $1/hour for club project labor
___ 21) Recruitment and participation by women and minorities
___ 22) Hold clinics and introduction events at local courses
___ 23) More one-day events (competition/rodeo?)


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