Re: Kelly's lame comment

Eric Smith

I remember when I was just a kid starting to play disc golf and hearing tales of a doubles BBQ.


Those were simple times and there was a BBQ promised almost every meeting.


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Dana should sit at the head of the table, all the money he put in back in 2005 and 06 must have accrued a ton of interest by now in the secret account Mike and Craig are holding it in!


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Yes Mike the plan was to, if excess funds were generated, use them towards a BBQ.  I left in 07 and well before I left the BBQ plan was bandied about.  I only ask that I am invited to partake.



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If I remember right the doubles BBQ goes back to before my son was born (he is 7.5 now) and Kelly was playing a lot of doubles back then. His money is in the pot. But maybe I missed that Craig was tongue in cheek. Sometimes I have a hard time reading sarcasm.

Mike Storrs

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> I withdraw my lame comment due to Craig’s unbelievable retort. My apologies.
> kc
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> Well of course Kelly a free meal for you (you might bless us with your presence) and absolutely no support of Doubles, I'll buy that!!! I think your comment is indicative of the thought that many are putting into the future of the club.
> CB
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> I think another priority we could vote on should be the mythical doubles BBQ. Maybe Mike can get Billy to organize it.
> (I would have saved this for the meeting, but Everett has put a gag order on me)
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> Here's the current 'ballot' that I'll be bringing to tonight's meeting
> for folks to vote on for 2013 priorities. If you have additions you
> like to add to it, best get them to me soon. Voting on this item
> will commence today (by email), tonight (at the meeting), and over the
> next week (by email). You may note that I've changed, from my earlier
> posting, the number of votes available to each member (from 3 to 5),
> and also added the ability for you to assign more than one of your
> votes to the same item (if you feel strongly about it).
> Everett
> ======================================================================
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> Albany OR 97321-0117 Phone: 541-928-5259 8am-8pm PACIFIC TIME
> ======================================================================
> 2013 WDGC Club Priorities Vote MEMBER'S NAME__________________________
> Each club member has FIVE votes they may allocate as they wish. You
> may vote for 5 separate items or place all 5 of your votes on a single
> item or split your 5 votes in some other fashion between any number
> of items from 1 to 5. You may, of course, WRITE IN your own priority
> not on this list and assign to it however many of your 5 votes you wish.
> Just be aware that write-ins are unlikely to accumulate enough votes
> unless a secret cabal schemes to all write in the same priority.
> Write in the blank before each priority the number of your votes you
> wish to assign to that priority. Any ballot with votes tallying MORE
> than 5 will not be counted.
> The top 5 voted items will become the club's "Official Priorities" for 2013.
> REMEMBER: Any priority you vote for, you should be willing to at least
> work ON (in a leadership role or as a helper, but at least contribute
> in some fashion). We'll accomplish nothing by setting priorities for
> ___ 1) New course
> ___ 2) New signage at Willamette
> ___ 3) Club garbage containers at Adair (tee's 4,6,7,8,9,10, walk-out 11)
> ___ 4) Concrete tees at Adair
> ___ 5) Hole expansions and/or relayout at Willamette
> ___ 6) Doubling monthly meeting attendance
> ___ 7) Doubling club membership
> ___ 8) Minimum $2000 club cash-on-hand
> ___ 9) Representative to Parks and Recreation Board meetings and reports
> ___ 10) Quarterly meetings with Corvallis Parks & Rec on collaboration
> ___ 11) Full participation in the decision making process regarding courses
> ___ 12) Representatives to & From OSU and Albany Clubs with monthly WDGC reports;
> ___ 13) A two-day Civil War OSU/OU team event fundraising benefits at Willamette Park
> ___ 14) A two-day Townies vs. Schoolies (OSU) team event at Willamette Park
> ___ 15) Doubling of doubles & Handicap League participation and income
> ___ 16) Completion and acceptance of Complete Willamette Disc Golf Course re-design
> ___ 17) Completion and acceptance of five-year master plan for Willamette & Adair
> ___ 18) Courses in good repair and improved as needed (signs, pads, baskets)
> ___ 19) Doubling of native Oregon plantings (safety, ecologic and esthetic)
> ___ 20) $20 annual Dues, discount of up to $10 at $1/hour for club project labor
> ___ 21) Recruitment and participation by women and minorities
> ___ 22) Hold clinics and introduction events at local courses
> ___ 23) More one-day events (competition/rodeo?)
> ------------------------------------
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