Re: Calendar and reminders

Greg Johnson

I'm getting them. It all depends on your yahoogroups settings or email preferences

Greg J

On Jun 14, 2012, at 4:53 PM, Everett Kaser <> wrote:

Is any one else getting their Handicap and Doubles reminders?

I'm getting them now. I had to go into the Calendar page on the Yahoo
Groups WDGC website. Then the Time Zone was set wrong, and to correct
it, you have to create your "personal calendar" (I think I clicked on
the "personal calendar" link just above the gray & black tool bar).

Once you've created your personal calendar, then you can set the
time zone (GMT-08:00 Pacific Time). Once you do that, then I think
you'll start receiving reminders.

Unfortunately, Yahoo seems to have screwed the pooch on this one,
and there's no way for the group moderator to somehow fix things up
so that reminders go out to all group members, without the individual
group members all getting their "personal calendar" straightened out.


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