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[Approximately in order and DRAFT because it's a living, breathing, working document]
  • Sustainable Friendly: Doing no harm—nature bats first;
  •  “Safe,” Efficient Meetings—facilitating with Permaculture ideas in mind (see attachment 1. CollaborativeMeetingFacilitation);
  • Proposer in Chief—as the US government, The President proposes Congress disposes. (In our case Membership disposes of ideas, solutions, initiatives, eg. a dictator free zone, Disc Tzar excepted);
  • Open, Democratic Process—Membership is informed and consulted in advance;
  • Reliance on Group Wisdom—(Fact: Diverse groups free of preconceived bias, manipulation and peer pressure make better decisions even than experts);
  • Accountable Leadership Standards—Club officers should be evaluated on well-defined attendance and performance criteria;
  • Member Volunteer and Stewardship Incentives;
  • Strategic Planning and Operation—Beginning with a carefully facilitated visioning process, decisions are based on clearly-defined goals, strategies and desirable, measurable outcomes;
  • Sound Fiscal Management—Budgeting and priorities-based spending. (Based on a structured, guided visioning process);
  • Sustained, Collaborative, Open, Functional Governmental Relationships;
  • Defined, Semiannually-Reviewed Course Maintenance Standards;
  • Dispersed, Decentralized Power—decisions are made as a group with rare exceptions for emergencies;
  • Persistent Active Membership Program with Targets and Timelines;
  • Wide Community Outreach & Collaboration—engaging natural allies such as local businesses, service clubs, tourism boards, governmental entities, etc.;
  • Conflict Aversion & Resolution;
  • Fair, Conflict-of-Interest-Free Meeting Facilitation;
  • Bias for Facts, Information and Verifiable Truths;
  • National Politics Free Zone;
  • Less Verbosity—Windbag Free Zone;
  • Improvisational, Creative Management Approach (see Stanford “Idea Doctor” Roger von Oech’s books and attachment 2. Improv Wisdom);
  • Elder Wisdom (see attachment 3. Too Soon Old);
  • Time Commitment—(In my case 20-30 hours per week);
  • Fun & Funnier—Maintaining perspective and keeping a sense of humor.

Cheers and please vote early and often.


PS: It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry.
PPS: If you get a better offer, for gods sakes take it! I can always fry other, hopefully bigger fish.

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