President's Cup preparations


As you've probably already been notified, I've uploaded a PDF of the
course map for the President's Cup, along with hole-by-hole directions:

I plan to put up hole signs and maybe some of the temp tee-pads
tomorrow (Tuesday), and maybe cut a little grass on P.C. holes 6 and 7,
and I'll be moving a couple of the baskets back into their needed
positions today. Several baskets will need to be moved the day-of,
as some baskets are not used in their regular positions, but rather
get doubled up on other holes (Basket #3 moves to #4-short, Basket #10
moves to #5-long), and three temp baskets get added for P.C. holes
#7, 12 and 15. We won't have enough temp tee pads to cover all of the
holes, so I'll be spreading them out where the likelihood of mud-holes
is the greatest.

Repeated WARNING: if you play the P.C. layout before the day of the
tournament, WATCH FOR and YIELD TO regular course players. Several
holes are particularly dangerous, such as P.C. #8 which is a blind
throw across regular hole #13 to #12 basket, P.C. hole #18 which throws
across holes #3 and #2 to #2's basket, and so on. LOTS of opportunities
for accidents, and we need to be responsible Disc Citizens.

Be careful out there!


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