President's Cup almost ready


Thanks to Dave Pittman for assistance, we got all the temp tee-pads
(that we have) in place at Adair, and got ALL 18 tee-signs in place,
so it's reasonably easy to play the President's Cup layout at this

I moved the tee for #8 up the hill about 20 feet, so you can now SEE
the #12 fairway and #12's basket, so it's no longer a blind shot and
it's a little safer to play. I also moved regular basket #10 to the
long left position, so that the temp tee-pad wouldn't interfere with
the basket (it's right next to the right-position).

Less than 11 days to the tournament!

Oh, and also, I've got the tee-sign for regular hole #4. It was lose.
I'm going to clean it up, then take it back out with some longer screws
and re-attach it, but that might take a few days.


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