Ribbon Cutting at Newport DG Course

Jay Sexton

WDGC folks,
The Wilder Disc Golf Course at the Oregon Coast Community College has been completed by The Ford Institute Leadership Program (FILP) group in Newport.
On Wednesday, December 5th at 4 PM they will have a ribbon cutting.
Three of the 18 holes were sponsored by either the WDGC, or it's individual members.
Because of the light there will not be time after the ribbon cutting to play an entire round, so if you would like to play - go early and play and then congratulate them at their ceremony.
Attached is a map: The tees are red with hole number and the pins are yellow with pin numbers. Last time I was there they were clearing the paths - it's woodsy, and nice.
Control is the key - and watch your disc till it stops.
At 3 PM in a meeting room at the OCCC the leadership group will have a graduation. Toni and I went through this program in Philomath almost ten years ago. It is an interesting personal growth and networking process that the Ford Family Foundation (Timber Philanthropists out of Roseburg) have given to many, many small communities in Oregon and some edges of other states.
I attached the invitation to the ribbon cutting.
I also attached a map of the Oregon communities which have had at least one of these leadership trainings - It is Amazing!
Enjoy a new coastal attraction!!!

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