Format for 2013 Presidential Election

John Ross <rossjohn414@...>

Contested WDGC Presidential elections have been rare. Certainly discussions of positions, credentials, approaches or the like have been non existent in club history to my knowledge.
I would like to see that happen this round AND for that to take place at the beginning of the December meeting. This would allow it to expand as needed and encourage greater time efficiency on the standing reports that follow.
I am proposing a 20 minute limited session to be extended for specific amounts of time club members willing. Of course it could conclude sooner if we find ourselves with less to say or respond to. A 20 minute period would allow:

  • four minutes each for opening statements;

  • five minutes each for questions and responses to each other;

  • two minutes apiece for closing statements.
Then members would vote by whatever method the President and members prefer.
Everett or a willing volunteer with a watch could keep track of time and signal if we’re about to run over the allocated time.


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