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I have read and wholeheartedly welcome Jay's Candidate Statement. I might like "friendly" added to his meeting goals, but "respectful" will be a giant step forward to user friendliness. We still have a different perspective on who takes the lead with agencies and I'll clarify my approach below. 

I think a dedicated meeting by interested members or an appointed committee are a good first step toward addressing my Willamette concerns. The outcome still has to be presented to the board, as Betty and I discussed or adopted and championed by P&R Staff. Richard Hervey suggested a joint guided visioning session with Parks and WDGC to come up with a master plan, including course design principles and processes for collaborating on maintenance, repairs and improvements. I thought that was doable and an excellent suggestion.

However, and it's an all caps HOWEVER:
The presidential election process has been corrupted according to the established, standing club bylaws. Specifically, they only provide for nominations at or before the October meeting. Nothing more.

So either the by laws are invalid or the process stands corrupted and at odds with WDGC bylaws. That makes debate and discussion a moot point, never mind 20 minutes, more or less. One candidate, one office.
One way to address that would be to invalidate the bylaws in part or in whole with a 2/3 majority vote as provided within the bylaws. Simple but ugly, I'm thinking.
Another would be if Mr. Sexton might agree to a few stipulations, whereupon I could cheerfully withdraw my hat from the ring and celebrate our unifiying club membership. Jay's not a politician for no reason. And I respect that. I'm considerably more skilled at stirring the pot and ruffling certain members feathers.

But I'm no slouch at finding common ground with policy makers.

However some things just need to change from my perspective.

A good starting point would be club officers and appointees knowing and abiding by the established club bylaws--especially a club president. Several provisions currently being neglected or outright ignored, include:
[Under Article I Name-Purpose]
  • working with local governments to expand disc golf opportunities (specifically Corvallis P&R and City Government. Nothing for years);
  • maintaining, and improving courses (including agreed upon standards for maintenance and upkeep of signs, teepads, baskets as well as highly visible signs that state “groups restricted to four or fewer players” or something equally unequivocal)
  • outreach to encourage proper rules and etiquette among casual golfers (such as clinics and non-PDGA fun, “different levels of play – introductory, casual, . . .”)
  • support sustainable, eco-friendly, disc golf course design and maintenance emphasizing native ecotypes (specifically at Willamette)
  • support transparent, mutually supportive, cooperative relationships with public land agencies (emphasis added).
[Under Article III Membership]
  • Club members are encouraged to: Abide by PDGA rules of courtesy, integrity, responsibility, and safety (emphasis added re: integrity and truthfullness).
  • Support the WDGC, it’s sponsors, members, and friends (Supporting sponsors means remodeling or relocating the Willamette course so players will play there and work to maintain it).
  • Suspension of membership: Repeated unsportsmanlike conduct such as cursing, throwing objects in anger, excessive displays of anger, overt rudeness, threats, or willful physical harm to anyone present (emphasis added along with a suspension for “material misrepresentation of the truth.”
Dues: (Adding an amount that can be offset by club service or volunteerism)
[Under Article IV: Election]
  • The candidates for the offices of the WDGC shall be nominated at the regular monthly meeting in October, with elections of the officers for the next year at the regular November meeting (abide by it or cast it aside).
  • Move paragraph on “Appointees are agents . . . to before the Greenskeeper position description.
  • Add a provision for a vote of non confidence for causes such as non attendance of meetings, non performance of duties, overstepping authority, malfeasance or misfeasance.
  • Greenskeeper: Spell out “reasonable independence” for Greenskeepers as freedom from micromanagement on issues of negligible importance, but prohibiting creation or violation of policy.
Article V: Duties
(Add) Shall facilitate or assist in facilitating a formal visioning process that produces a clear vision, goals and steps toward realizing that vision. (I have trained facilitators by the binders full, including councilor Hervey)
(Amend) Shall take the lead in representing the WDGC in discussions with other entities, be they Parks Departments, local government bodies or boards, businesses, or other groups on policy-level discussions and meetings (As per italicized language).
(Clarify) The WDGC Course Greenskeeper shall be the main (not only) contact person for the WDGC with the agency that manages the course property regarding routine maintenance and improvement activities. All policy-level discussions and activities shall be limited to and consistent with previously-established policy positions. The greenskeeper shall refer any policy level issues that arise to the full club membership for establishing a clear, consistent policy position.
In addition to reaffirming and revising club by laws along these lines, I would like to hear Jay endorse:
  • Budgeting that sets target amounts for specific expense categories;
  • Semiannual club walkthrough maintenance reviews;
  • Respect for opinions and perspectives of fellow club members (or did I say that already).

Of course, in the final analysis, final decisions rest with the membership. Long live the membership!


I'm JohnRoss and I endorse this message.

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