Re: Getting to Consensus


John wrote...
I think a dedicated meeting by interested members or an appointed
committee are a good first step toward addressing my Willamette
concerns. The outcome still has to be presented to the board, as
Betty and I discussed or adopted and championed by P&R Staff.
Richard Hervey suggested a joint guided visioning session with
Parks and WDGC to come up with a master plan, including course
design principles and processes for collaborating on maintenance,
repairs and improvements. I thought that was doable and an excellent
The presidential election process has been corrupted according to
the established, standing club bylaws. Specifically, they only
provide for nominations at or before the October meeting. Nothing more.
John, respectfully (as you said you'd prefer that over friendly):

You can't have it both ways. If you want things done "to the letter"
according to the by-laws, then you have no business talking to Parks
about anything. You're not the President, nor are you the Greenskeeper.
As I said before, you (as a private citizen) have every right to talk
to Parks, but the moment the words "club" or "WDGC" escape your lips
in those talks, you are 'bending' the letter of the club by-laws, of
which you are a member.

Further, YOU suggested, at the November meeting, moving the vote for
club President to December, and a vote of attending members agreed to
do so. If a simple vote of the membership can do that, then a simple
vote of the membership can also allow additional candidacies, and other
changes. And even arguing against that, there's nothing that says
there can't be "write-in" candidates.

And regarding your comments on Willamette stuff in your first paragraph
above, the club showed minimal interest in a "Willamette make-over"
in the recent 2013 Priorities vote. The club, by a large majority,
showed no interest in "addressing [your] Willamette concerns," but
rather (by a vast majority) wanted three priorities for the coming year:

1) Concrete tees at Adair
2) A new course
3) New signage at Willamette

The subject of your post was "Getting to Consensus." That IS the
consensus. Maybe not the one YOU wanted to get to, but c'est la vie.

So either the by laws are invalid or the process stands corrupted and
at odds with WDGC bylaws. That makes debate and discussion a moot
point, never mind 20 minutes, more or less. One candidate, one office.
I'm not sure what you're trying to say by, "One candidate, one office,"
so I'll ignore that part. But we're a small group, and flexibility
and reasonableness has to be part of how we operate. If you really
want to force the issue, fine, but you'll need to get a majority of
the club to go along with you, which is essentially what this election
is about. I'd say if you get elected, then the club has demonstrated
that they agree that we need stricter application of the by-laws (and
perhaps a complete rewrite thereof, headed up by the new club President).
If you don't get elected, then I guess it says something else.

Either way, I'm (thankfully) soon done with it.


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