The Wash X

Eric Smith

Good Morning Everyone,

                The Wash is less than a month away and things are moving along nicely. The discs (see attached picture) came in last night and they look fantastic! We have Rocs and Aviar putters for the first 50 golfers to show up on the morning of the event. It will pay to show up early and golf. I also have a bunch of Blizzard Champion ($15) and Star Katana ($16) discs for sale as fundraiser discs. I will have these discs at the next club meeting and will try to have them available at some of the regular local disc golf series events. I know you want them but my schedule is very busy right now so please be patient.

                I have started collecting prizes but need to pound the pavement some more, hopefully this week. If any of you have prizes for the event, please let me know and I will pick them up. We have some good ones already.

                This is where I ask for money. I am very close to my goal for event sponsorship but could use some more. If you would like to be a $100.00 event sponsor, please let me know by contacting me personally. This is tax deductable.


I’m getting excited about this event and the first ever Linn Benton Food Share stamped discs look great!


See you on July 14th! J



Eric Smith

(541) 740-9535



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