Presidents cup was fun. Thank you Everett

Mike Storrs

Everett is the man. He set up the course weeks in advance for everyone to practice. He dialed up awesome weather. He ran a smooth tournament. We were all done and home before the sun set. A great way to say goodby to one of the greatest club prez's ever.

I had a great time except for the hole that used 11's basket (tourney hole 9?). My favorite hole was tourney hole 18 (from 4's teepad to 2's basket). It was an exciting hole, just the thing that the women and children back home like to see. I was in the finals of the ace pot/putting contest and lost to a guy from Philomath. I had two chances to win it but he needed the money more.

The turnout was perfect for golfers like me who don't like standing around waiting. The lunch was a bit suspect though. No keg? Did no one give Mark an official invite? Gibson was there but he didn't bring a bbq with him, again. Ironic too since his job is to feed people with other peoples donated money.

Thanks again Everett.
Mike Storrs.

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