Re: Presidents cup was fun. Thank you Everett


evilhatechild wrote...
Everett is the man...
You're too kind. Really. Makes me think you want something... :-)

My favorite hole was tourney hole 18 (from 4's teepad to 2's basket).
It was an exciting hole, just the thing that the women and children
back home like to see.
Me, too. While I had a great day (enjoyment-wise), my playing sucked
wind, the kind of crap you'd expect to see from Kelly. BUT... on my
last hole of the day (the above mentioned #18, since I started on #1),
I threw the most beautiful forehand, level and straight as an arrow,
right through the gap and dropped it six feet from the basket. If
you can only have one good hole per day, having it be the final one
is probably best.

No keg? Did no one give Mark an official invite?
Actually I did. After last year, when he barely made it because he
didn't hear about it until the day before, I made a point of calling
him this year and giving him a personal invite. He ended up having
another engagement he couldn't avoid.

Thanks again Everett.
No, thank YOU, Mike, for loaning the use of your pop-up AND the
propane heater that helped keep me warm during the morning registration!

Also a big thanks to Dave Pittman, who helped me put out the temporary
tee-pads and signs, and who (even though he couldn't play) showed up
to help with the scoring, the pay-outs/scrip, and the discs, BIG help!

Another thanks to Inspector Smith and Kim Halsey for sticking around
and helping to round up a bunch of the signs and one of the tee-pads!

And, thanks to Jay, Nate and Kelly for the loan of their baskets!

It was a great day and a great group of people!


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