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kineticbagel <kineticbagel@...>

Great turn out for a Thursday morning. Eight people showed up to fill in some of the pot holes at the entry to the park. Thank you for coming out. Thanks to Noah for showing the interest and for motivating others to join the club and come out to the work party.
I've been doing work on the course since 1996. I've had many, "atta boys" from passing golfers and citizens at large, but today was a first. We had a number of people say thanks and give us the thumbs up, but a nice older lady, I think she was walking her dog, pulled up and rolled down her window to ask who "we" are. Luke told her we are the disc golf club and she responded by donating $20 to the club!
Spreading gravel and good vibrations,and getting paid!
Play on,

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