New Course Proposal in West Eugene - Public Comment Period


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approached the Eugene Disc Golf Club in January 2012 about the possibility of installing a disc golf course at the BLM's Stewart Pond property in west Eugene. EDGC members submitted a proposal which has been accepted into the draft plan that the BLM is going to use to decide what to do. The BLM is accepting public comments on what to include in the final plan until January 14th, 2013. They want to hear from you!

The area the BLM chose to consider for disc golf is not wetlands or environmentally sensitive and is appropriate for recreation. It would not take a huge amount of work to make a disc golf course there. It has elevation, big trees, open areas and moderate to heavily wooded areas. Disc golf would greatly increase recreation and other appropriate public use of the area without impacting environmentally sensitive areas. Stewart Pond is a BLM property located between Bailey Hill Rd. and Bertelsen Rd. north of W. 11th Ave.

The BLM is interested in disc golf at Stewart Pond as a way to increase recreation at the site, in part because there is so much inappropriate and illegal activity there. By bringing more eyes to the site it will be less likely to be abused. As it is right now, the BLM considers the site to be "lost" to recreational uses. As a federal taxpayer this is your property too, and even though you may not live in Eugene, you do have a say in supporting appropriate and needed recreational development there.

The EDGC proposal is to become the "Friends" group for the entire property, not just the disc golf footprint. We would not only do any and all necessary work to install and maintain the disc golf course, but also contribute hundreds of annual volunteer hours helping the BLM meet its natural resource protection and recreational goals. This would be our home course and main project as a club. It would be a very fun and challenging course, somewhat like Adair in length, features, and difficulty.

Please take ten minutes to write an email to the BLM supporting the proposal. When you submit your comments it will be helpful to include four main things:

1. You are submitting comments on the West Eugene Resource Management Plan and you want them to include Alternative 3c in the final plan.

2. The reasons WHY you want them to include disc golf at Stewart Pond (Alternative 3c). IE, you want to play it; disc golf is a great activity; you've seen it improve land use for the public good. Use plain language and common sense and tell them all the reasons why it would be a good idea and why you personally want to see it happen. WDGC experiences building and caretaking Willamette and Adair are very relevant, as are the number of hours you and/or your club have volunteered to do so. Examples that this arrangement works are great.

3. How many times per year you'd play a great course in Eugene. How often you travel to play disc golf and what you typically spend in a community where you've gone to play. They really want to hear that! And not as relevant for out of towners: how many hours per year you would volunteer to maintain the course by attending volunteer work parties, pulling weeds, picking up trash, etc. Be honest and just use common sense.

4. Your full name and address.

If you want to read the plan (of which this proposal is a tiny, tiny part)here is the link for the BLM Draft RMP:

It's a very big PDF. The disc golf course is in "Alternative 3c" which is on page 59.

Please get in touch with me for any questions or concerns, there is a lot more context and history I can provide if you are interested. PLEASE drop me a line or post here if you submit comments. I don't need to know what you wrote, but it is important that I know how many supportive comments were submitted. Thanks for reading this far and for your support!

Lastly, a big thanks to Everett and Jay for their support of this proposal and the excellent comments they submitted! I've used the WDGC as a model example of a club building and acting as stewards of a course in the proposal to the BLM. Let's get another fun place to play in the Valley!

Matt Benotsch

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