Nate and I got the anchors put in today for the new positions on #4
and #6, and he and Dr. Billie rough-cut the walk-out from 6 to the
#7 tee, then the three of us did a little quick work on Nate's
proposal for a new position on #11, further into the woods, so that
we could get in there and run some ribbon roughly down where he
envisions the fairway going. Finally, Nate placed two flags where
he'd like to move #13's tee to (to the right about 15-20 feet).

About 2 1/2 hours later, as Larry and I were playing a round, I
noticed that the flags had already been pulled and dropped just to
the right of #13's tee. WTF? So, I put them back close to where
I remembered Nate putting them, but check it out soon, as who knows
how long they'll stay there. Also check out #11, and envision a
20' wide (or so) fairway running in (basically by near the "in the
woods" position at a 45 degree angle). The ribbon's not straight,
but the fairway would be pretty much straight. Voting on these
two proposals will occur at the next meeting and by email.

The reason for moving #13's tee to the right is to put a new #12
placement in the stump to the left of #13's tee. If the tee doesn't
get moved, then the new position for #12 can't be done. Putting a
#12 position in the stump would also involve taking a handful of
bottom limbs off the couple of fir trees behind the current right-hand
position of #12 to allow approach/putt under the trees.

(In the past couple of days, Nate and a team of his buddies did
a BUNCH of clearing/cleanup on the new #4 and #6 positions, and
someone gave the #5 berm a crew-cut, and today Dave was out with
his giant weed-whacker, clearing grass around #17 long and on top
of the #10 berm.) Big THANKS to everyone that's helped. Adair
is looking REALLY good this summer!!!


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