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(In the past couple of days, Nate and a team of his buddies did
a BUNCH of clearing/cleanup on the new #4 and #6 positions, and
someone gave the #5 berm a crew-cut, and today Dave was out with
his giant weed-whacker, clearing grass around #17 long and on top
of the #10 berm.) Big THANKS to everyone that's helped. Adair
is looking REALLY good this summer!!!
That mowing was on hole 16 long pin (still a little wet) and some mowing on 10 to the green of the long position and the top of the berm. 10 still could use some more clean up near the berm placement as I did what I could with the weed machine. I moved 10 regular basket to the long after mowing and 12 to short right (couldn't get it locked down in 12 long right as that lock is finicky and the tab is slightly bent there).
One of Nate's crew did the work on hole 5 (very nice) and I mowed hole 3's fairway on Monday evening.

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