Festivus 2013 Holes

Greg Johnson

Hi all,

Attached is the planned Festivus Layout for 2013. I'm missing distances on the newer placements for 4, 6 (2nd newest), and 10 berm. I'm not sure if any of those have been measured for a prior event. Eric measured the ones he needs to make signs for.

Thanks Eric! Please note I just tweaked the rules regarding the path on 17 which applies to holes 1 and 20. Rather than marking a line along the path, I'm going with surrounded by pavement & beyond along with painted lines for the tennis court transitions.

For those bring baskets if there is already one on hole 1 bringing yours on down to the Northend of the park where the rest of the temp baskets are needed.

Enjoy practicing, hopefully temp tee areas don't get too mudded out. I will likely put the mats out on Sunday the 20th.

And a reminder that Calapooia Brewing will once again sponsor the 'Feats of Strength' keg throwing competition. Mark let me know that he has painted the dedicated old keg for this.

It's beginning to feel alot like Festivus!


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