Re: WDGC clipboards for Festivus

Greg Johnson

Thanks, just the 16 in those nestled boxes. Went thru all stuff I had stored at townhouse. I will check around again at home tonight. Casey please bring your 6 Sat morning as backup. I may only work in the office Tuesday. Taking at least Friday afternoon off. Got the temp pads set up Sunday am with help from KC.

There are still about 15 spots open. Anyone who was on the fence still has a chance to get in. Let me know what division you plan to play and I'll take payment on Saturday if I don't see you at Adair to pay on Friday.

Greg J

On Jan 22, 2013, at 6:58 AM, Everett Kaser <> wrote:

Greg wrote...
Does anyone know who has the rest of the clipboards? I only got
16 back from Everett. I checked with David and he does not. I
know there have been a couple of casualties.
Are you sure? The best of my memory is:
I got some clipboards from you along with the other stuff.
Nate brought a box with some clipboards.
At the end of the President's Cup, I think there were still some
clipboards in YOUR box, plus some clipboards went back into Nate's
box, and Nate's box was set inside your box. Have you taken those
two boxes 'apart'? Or is Nate's box still nestled inside your box,
and maybe some clipboards are hidden underneath it?

I've checked here and there's nothing left here, and I don't remember
anyone else (Dave, Nate, etc) taking any of the equipment at the end
of the P.C.


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