New Positions

Nathan Sexton

  I am excited to have these two new positions almost ready for play! I went out today and used a pole saw to clean up some of the higher branches on both holes. I will be coming out to unlock the baskets and move them into the new positions Monday morning so that the concrete has alot of time to cure. I also would like to do a bit more finishing work on #6 before unveiling it to the masses. I need someone with a metal blade weed whacker to help me do some additional brush clearing on the fairway and walkout. Let me know if you can help or lend me your tools.
  Please take note of the ribbon on #11 approximating the line of the proposed tunnel for the par 4 location. I think it will make a great placement over power type par 4. Ideally the tunnel would be roughly 20 feet wide and 120 feet long. Possibly straight or maybe a slight curve either direction depending on how the larger trees are oriented. Hole 13's tee relocation is also just a rough idea open to tweaking. Ideally I think the tee should move behind the fir tree so that it is better protected from errant upshots. Hope everyone enjoys the new positions, looking forward to bringing you some more over the summer along with concrete teepads!

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