Re: Mikes lame bbq

Bill Gaskill

Can that which does not exist but in theory be "lame"

Consider the humble Higg's Bozon...

Something we're as likely to see as this elusive barbeque, and probably theorized about for a shorter period of time!


PS: I found a little clip board in the back of my car this am.  Oops!  Who can take it to festy for me?

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Good point.


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Yes, hypothetically they all do.

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That date conflicts with the doubles barbeque.


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Our OR state coordinator Jeff Haggerty needs a date for the WOXV ASAP!! I should not be involved in picking this date as I have my wedding likely only 2 or 3 weeks after the open and wont be able to be involved in the TD work. Pick a TD, pick a date, GO GO GO!

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