Re: NutSac Bag Tag Disc Drawing

Greg Johnson

hi Jason, 

I'm not sure how many I have now between what Nate left with me after 3 were sold at the last club meeting.  I also was given some more at Festivus but got too occupied with playing and running the tourney.  They remain in one of my tournament boxes to bring to our Monday club meeting where hopefully we can sell a few more.

I have #13, #5  is the lowest unsold #

Greg J

On Jan 31, 2013, at 8:59 AM, "pac_westdga" <pac_westdga@...> wrote:


We will be drawing 1-20 NutSac tag numbers this weekend... Winner will receive a CFR Lat 64 Gold Line Havoc with a 2012 Rose City Open Stamp... If you don't have your tag yet contact Nate Sexton or myself about these fundraiser tags for concrete tee pads at Adair DGC.

Jason Bruster
Pac-West DGA

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