Re: New holes are in!

Mike Storrs

Thanks Nate and Billy, Colin, Conner, Shawn, Jon, Karl, Dave, Everett and others. I am happy to know there are some people who saw a need for some change and did it. You are great examples for all that no one is standing in the way of anyone's vision. It is pretty simple, if you want something done then do it. If you wait for something to be done then keep waiting.


--- In wdgc@..., Nathan Sexton <sextondisc@...> wrote:

The new positions on #4 and #6 are in and ready for play. Thanks to
Billy, Colin, Conner, Shawn, Jon, Karl, Dave, Everett and others we got
everything cleared out and the pins went in for the first time this
morning. I forgot to bring some paper and a marker out to make some signs
for the teepads to alert golfers to the new positions. If you see this
email and are heading out there today or tomorrow it would be great to get
something taped to the tee sign so people get a rough idea where to throw.
Hole #6 is a par 4, along with #18, so Adair is currently playing par 56.
I think as more of these par 4's go in it will make us all feel better
about ourselves if we recognize the par 4's and start talking about scores
accordingly (53 would be a -3 not a -1). It is a little bit difficult to do
given we are so accustomed to par 3 golf but we can make the change. Hope
everyone enjoys the new challenges. Let me know what you think!

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