Over the last couple of days, we've had two 'phishing' emails posted
to the group from members of the Yahoo group (purportedly) which
contained nothing but a link to a virus laden, worm infected, trojan
spreading web site.

Fer cryin' out loud folks, learn what a suspicious email looks like,
and think twice (and then think again) about clicking on a link that
comes to you in an email, even if it comes from someone you know,
unless you're 100% sure (and maybe not even then...) you know it's
a safe, valid link to somewhere you REALLY want to go.

Do NOT let curiousity get the best of you. Trust me. You'd much
rather miss out on two or three funny cat videos than spend a couple
of days wiping your hard disk and re-installing your OS and all your
software, to get rid of some virus you caught from unprotected sex...
er... surfing.


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