Fw: Blodgett Work Party - Reminder

Greg Johnson

Nice I sent a message t just myself last night!

--- On Wed, 3/13/13, Greg Johnson wrote:

From: Greg Johnson
Subject: Blodgett Work Party - Reminder
To: "Greg Johnson"
Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 12:10 AM

I'm sending out a friendly reminder that there will be a work party this Saturday the 16th to get the Blodgett course ready for the WDGC Invitational on April 6th.
Things to bring:  a third wheel barrow would be good, gloves, boots, shovels, saws, loppers, baskets for some fun after the work is done
Debris removal hole 3 pin/4 tee
Improve basic stairs by #6 pin
#11 down hill alley thinning/clearing
#14/15 add stairs
Distribute bark chips as needed to traffic and tee areas
Installing teepad mats will wait until after April Fools Doubles, other than a couple that I have some carpet for.
Let me know if you think you will be coming any time after 9 is fine, also let me know if you want to work on something in particular
21044 Blodgett Road
Turn left 1/2 mile past Blodgett Store (HWY 20 West from Philomath)
Turn right on Blodgett Road
Look for # on post, left off a curve, if you get to the mailbox turn back.

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