WDGC Invitational - Blodgett April 6th

Greg Johnson

Dr. Bob please send this message to your club e-mail list.

If you hadn't heard yet the 2013 WDGC Invitational is approaching on the heels of April Fools Doubles. Thanks Nate and Dion for that always fun event! I'm hosting the "open" Invitational, April 6th. Attached is the tournament flyer but no pre-registration is needed.

The course layout will be pretty much the same as last year. As usual the morning round will be played "One Disc". Each player can have 1 or 2 backups of the same disc model, (e.g. any kind of Roc), but the backups may only be used if the primary disc is lost.

There will be mini golf set up and there might be a hole to putt out at a mini-basket like was done at AFD again this year.

Anyone who can lend baskets, I would like to collect them or have you bring them out by Friday the 5th, when a few players should get out to help set the rest up and get in some practice.

I'm also planning on getting 2 or 3 rubber mats out and a bunch more bark chips distributed this Saturday the 30th around 10am. Helping hands would be appreciated and would get a chance to play the course as well. About 1/2 the holes have baskets on them already and the others have tone poles.


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