Handicap League historical raw scores

Mike Storrs

I thought someone besides myself might have some fun with excel. I have all of your scores in a spreadsheet from 2008 to now. The rounds are ranked best to worst so the data looks like a horizontal bar chart. I use open office (libre office) but I know most of you use excel so I uploaded both versions of the file. I can't attach the file because I am using the yahoo groups message page (I know many of you just get this crap in your email...everyday) so below is the link to the files. If you can view it you want to look at the tab titled "sorted rounds."

Some interesting tidbits
1. I have 231 rounds, KC has 195, Key has 193, and Greg Johnson has 19
2. Mike Gibson once shot a 49 which also matches Colin Sexton's best round
3. KC's once shot a 47 which also matches Dion's best round
4. Nate shot a 42...twice. (and 45 thrice, and 46 thrice, and 47 eightice)
5. For players with at least 20 rounds only 7 have a standard deviation of less than 3 strokes. In order I have Kevin Allen, John Ross, Jason Hill, Eric Smith, Jeff Huebner, Nate Sexton, and Bob Burton. Yup, those guys manage their rounds very well.

Take a look if you can. 

Mike Storrs

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