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Greg Johnson

Good Idea

I'm not sure how good my records are from the early events beyond the first one that I ran.  But I will see what I can find.  The PDGA website should be the best source for open winners and maybe some interesting facts since the Bellingers first made it a sanctioned event.  I think that was WOIV.

First Ace round 1 of WO III - 2001, hole 7 short, by me. DX Leopard
Second Ace round 2, hole 16 short by Jim Dubay.  
The event was one day . Willamette only.

Greg J

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Hey Gang, 

Considering this is the 15th annual WO, I was entertaining the idea of including some history of the event in a player handout. I would be interested in seeing a list of Open winners, details surrounding the inception of this event, notable contributors to the club and courses and tournament. 

The handout would be a bi fold, front page: tournament information and schedule. Inside flap: Willamette course map rules. Inside flap 2: Adair course map and rules.  Back page: event history. 

Sound like a good idea? Worth the cost of printing? I could handle everything except event history. Any takers?


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