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Greg Johnson

I have all the discs.  I had them on display at the townhouse along with many others until I tore that all down last week.  Heck I have 2 sets, with one still on the shop wall in Blodgett.  

With 2 tourney locations May just opt for staging a picture, and maybe a display for the awards at Calapooia.

Greg J

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On Aug 15, 2013, at 12:46 PM, "Jay Sexton" <hexagon@...> wrote:


I like the idea. Printing cost would be low. I wonder if we could gather
one disc from each WO for a display of 15......
I can look through my pile and see what I have. Greg J. probably has all.
Maybe a large photo of them all would be less of a security issue that the
actual plastic on display. We could display it at both Tourney Centrals.

A list of winners could include Open, Womens, Advanced AM X 15 years.


> Hey Gang, 
> Considering this is the 15th annual WO, I was entertaining the idea of
> including some history of the event in a player handout. I would be
> interested in seeing a list of Open winners, details surrounding the
> inception of this event, notable contributors to the club and courses and
> tournament. 
> The handout would be a bi fold, front page: tournament information and
> schedule. Inside flap: Willamette course map rules. Inside flap 2: Adair
> course map and rules.  Back page: event history. 
> Sound like a good idea? Worth the cost of printing? I could handle
> everything except event history. Any takers?
> Thanks! 
> Dion
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