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Willamette Disc Golf Club of Corvallis, Oregon
The Willamette Disc Golf Club (WDGC)  was formed in 1999 to advance the sport of Disc Golf in the Willamette Valley. Centered in Corvallis, Oregon, members are drawn from everywhere between Portland and Eugene and as far away as Southeast Asia. For more information about the sport and the WDGC, please see the Wiki ( ). Meetings are held monthly on the first Monday of each month at Woodstock's Pizza on Kings Blvd in Corvallis unless it is a holiday, then the meeting will be the next available Monday. Meetings usually last 60 minutes and the time is 6:00pm in the winter (during Standard Time) and at 7:00pm from spring to fall (during Daylight Savings Time). All are welcome to attend whether a member or not. Membership is $10 per year for individuals or $15 for a family household. Membership entitles you to: 1) Regular access to the WDGC stock of discs in popular and new models. 2) $1 off all disc purchases from club inventory. 3) An additional $1 off your first disc purchase at a club meeting. 4) Guaranteed spot and liability and limited medical insurance coverage at official WDGC events. 5) Private club only tournament and holiday party, as well as other occasional perks like picnics. 6) $5 off annual membership to PDGA. 7) Contribute to discussions on the development and maintenance of our local disc golf courses. 8) Premier status on the WDGC email list. 9) Privilege of joining any and all work parties! 10) Meet, rub elbows and become friends with the greatest disc golfers in the Willamette Valley!
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