Some updates on some stuff :-)

Robert Voss

Hello there! Been a little bit since I sent an update out through this channel, so here is some news!

The President's Cup is full. I even ended up adding a 19th hole and running pros on cards of 5 to squeeze in a few more. The club is killing it this year with tournaments! The April Fools Dubs tournament that Scott Hessel put on was fantastic with over 100 people, and folks are still talking it and the next one. Both of our PDGA tournaments were and will be huge successes with 80 some players each and valued over $7500 including $500 added cash for each. While the Trilogy tournament wasn't huge, we did raise over $500 for the club while still giving out a couple thousand in prizes, mostly donated by local businesses. As well, we have ran a handicap league almost continually throughout the year, and Sunday dubs is still going, though seems to be flagging. In all, the club is thriving and people near and far are taking notice!

I did not receive a single response that we would like me to run another non-sanctioned tournament, whether club only or not. So that is not happening and I cancelled the October 5th date at the last meeting. There was some interest in possibly running another tournament towards the end of the year, but October is full every weekend. An Ice Bowl was suggested as possibility. Input is welcome if you would be interested in participating in another tournament.

We are, however, getting strong interest in a holiday party with an indoor putting course at Calapooia Brewing. This would be a private party in the back and not part of the restaurant, that would include a pot luck dinner and a keg of beer provided by the club for those of age. There would be putting contests with prizes furnished by the club. That necessarily needs to be at the end of November, so I am suggesting November 22 or 23, or 29 or 30. Your input on a date is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if any of those do not work for sure for you.

FYI - the party is for club members, so if you are not a paid member, then it will cost $10 cover charge to get into the party, which will also come with a club membership good through 2020!  :-D

Our disc golf classes offered through the City of Corvallis Parks and Rec start in a couple more weekends, on the 28th. We have a handful of volunteers, and so far 5 students have signed up for the first session. We do need to do background checks that I forgot until yesterday. This is required to work with kids. I emailed the folks who already volunteered and the form is attached to this message. The City did ask that we please not turn in a form unless we are going to volunteer because it costs them per person to run the checks. The class schedule is attached. If you can help with one class or all of them, it is appreciated.

We will be running a membership drive starting at the President's Cup and running through the end of the year. $10 for a membership that is good through 2020. Benefits of club membership are discounts on club merch, guaranteed spots in club tournaments, and entry into club only events such as the tournament out at Greg's and things like our holiday parties. It is more a small donation to the club that in every way goes right back into making our courses better and growing the sport.

And lastly, we are reaching the end of the year. Things will start winding down after the Cup next weekend. I would very much appreciate feedback on how you feel the club has done this year. The good, the bad, maybe even the ugly, but try to be respectful and do make helpful suggestions of how to fix the things you did not like. I know I did not make everyone happy all year - that would be impossible in any case - but I did put a lot of time and energy into the club. Though it was my first ever experience in this kind of role, and I had and still have a lot to learn, I hope my passion and commitment showed.

Remember there are reply buttons at the bottom of the message. Please do not use the "reply" button - it goes to - that is reply all! Either use the button at the end of the message to reply directly to sender, or use my email address robertvoss.wdgc@... so not everyone gets a burst of emails. I look forward to getting a lot of responses to these items, but I am sure not everyone else does!

In all cases of feedback, if you answer on Facebook, then there is no need to respond to the email as well, unless you would like to and/or want to provide more details.

Thank you for reading my novella, and I hope to see a lot of people at the holiday party!

Warm regards,