MEETING NOTES: Nov 6, 2017 #meetingnotes


[Bob Burton] Sorry I was late. I got over-committed. Therefore the minutes currently don’t
have anything about what the treasurer said about our financial status, or the
actual action leading to the election of officers for 2018. Please feel free
to suggest additions or corrections.

[Everett Kaser: I believe Greg said the club currently had a little over $1800
in the club account.]

Willamette Disc Golf Club Monthly Meeting. November 6th, 2017. 6:00 PM
Woodstocks Pizza, Kings Blvd, Corvallis.

Present: Taylor Ashley, Aric Baily, Bob Burton, Kelly Christiansen,
Sean Delohery, Bryce Downey, Mike Gibson, Richard Hervey, Greg Johnson,
Bear Judge, Everett Kaser, Ron Lee, Will Mayfield, John Ross,
Brianna Sexton, Coraline Sexton, Nate Sexton, Jay Sexton, Eric Smith,
Mike Storrs (Presiding), and Doug Ulfers.

Election of Officers: Sean Delorhy was elected President. Richard Hervey
was elected Vice President; Billie Gaskill was elected Willamette Park
Greenskeeper. Will Mayfield was nominated secretary and unanimously elected.

Bylaws Amendment: We need to add language as to the duties of The Vice
President for the Bylaws- John Ross volunteered to write this up and
pass it around for others to critique.

Thanks and Plaudits
Ron Lee and Greg Johnson were thanked for their work in pulling off a
great Willamette Open tournament this year. Mike Storrs received a
thundering ovation for his stellar work in guiding our club for the
last three or more years. Nate Sexton, who made a cameo appearance tonight,
was roundly applauded for his impressive victory at the US Disc Golf Championship.

Sean announced that he will propose a new meeting venue for consideration.

Mike Storrs had questions and ideas for using social media for our
communication as a community of disc golfers. Using Facebook is a bit
too public. There is a need to for “in-house” conversations. The use
of a server was suggested by John Ross. Nate cited use of both Facebook
as a public face and then private groups through Facebook for users
admitted to a group, e.g. WDGC members page. Converting conversations
into “product” has been a frustration to Mike. Everett Kaser suggested
that <> is a newer improved version of Yahoo
groups that could serve our needs.

[Everett Kaser: I had already created/reserved the
"group name" on last month, so it's available for evaluation and
is reserved in case the club decides it wants to go that way.]

Richard Hervey proposed a working group of Everett Kaser, himself, and
Sean Delohery to come up with concrete proposals for our use of social
media at the next club meeting. The others agreed to work with him.

Adair Greenskeeper (Shawn) (no report).

Willamette Handicap (Aric). Currently has been inactive partly due to Aric’s illness.

Willamette Greenskeeper (Billie) Concern for the down trees on hole 13 and
elsewhere was expressed. City Parks has been resistant to the club taking
matters into their own hands. Billie will need to converse again with them.

Wilder Park in Newport is relocating. Club proposed a 250 dollar gift to
sponsor a hole on the new course. This was approved. There is a new 9 hole
course at S. Beach State Park.

Note: next month’s meeting will begin at 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Bob Burton, secy.