Bill Gaskill

I TOLD mike that wasn't a home improvement site..he's just too stubborn to listen, and now we ALL pay!

On Jun 7, 2012 8:23 AM, "Everett Kaser" <everett@...> wrote:


Someone appears to have hacked into Mike Gibson's email address and
is spamming out emails with links to web pages that almost certainly
will infect your computer if you click on them. Fortunately, so far,
Yahoo has caught two of them and blocked them before sending them out
to the list. But just in case any get through, they look like basically
like this (I've modified the link so that it's invalid):

wow this is pretty awesome you should give it a look http://www.finance15taVIRUS.not/biz/?news=1859793
If you ever receive anything like this in the email, obviously (or
maybe not, hence this warning) do not NOT NOT!!! click on the link!
I've been receiving an increasing number of these emails from various
sources, so this virus appears to be spreading rapidly. Remember:
always practice Safe Surfing!

I've already sent a private email to Mike warning him that his account
is probably compromised.


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