final fundraiser and invitational

Robert Voss

Hello all,

Apologies I've not sent a general update in a few weeks. It will be on the list to send a complete update after our next meeting. In the meantime, our last fundraiser for the Pro invitational is almost full (again), and I need help pushing the invitational.

Talked with Greg about Adair for Fundraiser #3. We're adding 2 holes in order to add people to the final fundraiser! We're going to need the funds for the invitational. Most likely we will split up a par 4 with two basket locations into two holes and add one.

Also, only once has everyone shown up to a tournament that registered, and often don't even tell us they won't be there, so I've bumped this up to 83 spots (+3) for cushion. I cleared the wait list and 80 spots are filled!! Get in now if you want in! Based on current registrations, I'd like to see it at 80 and will not run more than 83 for tournament flow reasons.

Nothing new to us and should not cause any problems, and will actually help tournament flow to have less par 4's. Play It Again Sports ordered well more than enough of the canteens and USUL and already has them, so we will have no issues getting everyone a player pack that morning.

Fundraiser registration link:

And then, we are getting almost no registrations for the pro invitational. I'm just going to lay it out there in earnest... I spoke to multiple tour level pros to help craft the idea and got great feedback and some soft commits. Only Scotty Withers has signed up out of those people. I've offered a couple free spots to elite pros if they might help spread the word, and was not taken up on it. Not one lady has signed up for a tournament that is really directed as much at them as anything else with the equal added cash regardless of overall mixed divisions to women ratio.

We wanted elite level pros - that was the whole premise to begin with - so I have set up tiered registrations. At this point, we have 5 or 6 registrations, but more tiers are about to open for the next lower ratings slot, and then it opens to everyone. I expect it will eventually fill up because it is at least a glorified B-tier worth of a lot of added cash, but who will fill it?

I am at a complete loss... We specifically fundraised for this, so it is happening - we can't just take the money for something else. We'll still have a big cash tournament, but this is starting to look like it could be a monumental flop in terms of not fulfilling the vision of bringing elite players to our area. I wanted to do this for us and had great big schemes and was told it would probably work, so we've put a lot of time and energy into this with running extra events and fundraising. It would be pretty disappointing if it didn't serve any part of its original intended purpose.

I feel like all it would take is a name or two and the competition will catch on, but time is short before more and more folks are eligible to register - and then what am I to do when it fills and high level people want in later? I see the writing on the wall and I am getting more and more anxious as every week goes by. I'll take any help I can get spreading the word and getting registrations.

Best regards,

Robert Voss
President, Tournament Director
Willamette Disc Golf Club