Club updates and events

Robert Voss

Hello folks,

Time for updates and event announcements. A lot has happened in the last couple months with the fundraisers for the pro invitational concept and the leagues.

Semi-Emergency News
- Scott Withers tournament at Bryant this weekend is pretty well flooded out in a lot of places. He'll be moving the pros to play at Adair tomorrow. Thank you to Scott for reaching out and talking to us. The communication and coordination is greatly appreciated! It is about 45 people, so not a huge amount, but be aware that there will be a professional tournament happening May 8.

Work Parties
- We've recently had some very successful work parties. The grass and weed growth is exploding and good weather is just around the corner. Look for more frequent and regular work party opportunities in the future. For your information, planned work parties will now include some kind of event to put the party back into the work. This last work party at Willamette saw me making lunch for folks as they came in from working, and we hosted a fun dubs round with donated prizes (thank you Alex and Lucy!).

League Updates
- Our league day has moved to Tuesday nights. We currently have handicap and bag tag leagues in progress at 5:30 at Willamette DGC. The next PDGA sanctioned league rounds are on hold pending OB at Willamette but we will continue with the other leagues in the meantime.

- Regular Sunday dubs is off again. Finding folks to commit to weekends is tough, and it doesn't work to just say there is dubs every Sunday and that someone there will run it. Alex still wants to hold a weekly dubs round and is looking to move to a weeknight while we have the daylight for it. There is a poll on Facebook in our group, if you could vote there. Otherwise, feel free to respond whether Wed, Thu, or Fri would be preferable for you to attend an evening dubs round.  

Willamette OB Update
- Greg Johnson pointed out the whisker markers at Blue Lake and we've researched them and pitched the idea to parks. The City of Corvallis has agreed to pay for them and I believe they are already ordered. Hopefully soon there will be some installation practice and then a work party. 

Tournament Updates
- We ran three successful fundraiser tournaments and raised $1600 towards the pro invitational concept! Unfortunately, despite much good feedback and assistance in bringing the concept to life, we had very few registrations and were not getting any feedback on the invitational itself. Couldn't give away spots to people that helped shape the idea and said they thought it was great. I made the decision to cancel the event. The failure weighs heavy on me but the money is there and will be used for a high level event in the future. Looks like I need help, but I will deliver on my promise. That future is on hold for now because I have our premier annual tournaments to work on, the President's Cup and Willamette Open. I still do pretty much everything for tournaments on my own and can only do so much. I've recently learned it is less than I imagined.

- President's Cup registration opens tomorrow, May 8. That snuck up on me in a hurry. In case you missed it, this has been split into 2 single day events this year, and only 2 rounds instead of 3. All info is on Disc Golf Scene. I have most parts of the player packs ordered and on the way. Just need discs, and for that I need to iron out a couple details with primary sponsors for logo design. I also need to put in time getting more sponsors and vendors. Work has been crazy for me the last couple weeks. I just haven't found time to do more. (amateurs except MA1) (pros and MA1)

That's all I have for you today. Have a great weekend and hope to see you soon!

Best regards,

Robert Voss
President, Tournament Director
Willamette Disc Golf Club