Reminder Adair Work Party Saturday 9:30-11:30

Greg Johnson

Hi all,

I can't imagine what the grasses look like at Adair as stuff around my place grew like crazy the past week plus that I was gone.

The focus will be weed whacking on holes 4 & 5. Bring your eyes/ears and face protection as you will want it.

I will borrow two string trimmers on Friday from the county parks maintenance shop.
I will bring fuel and oil mix for running the equipment and just gas for the weed machine.
We need two people w/o their own to take on operating those.
We have a walk behind gas powered string trimmer donated to the club by former President Everett.
I think the best place to try to use that initially will be the OB line zone for hole 4 defining the edge of the farmers field.
I need someone else to step on a take on figuring out how to use that piece of equipment, and let it rip.
It is stored in the shed so it can be put to use at any time in the future without my needing to be there or supervise.
I have enough equipment of my own to operate and maintain.

We will want an army of weed whackers to clear both sides of the berm and the marshy area to the right for hole 5.

One string trimmer can start at the teepad of hole 4 and work there way down the stairs. Maybe the walk behind unit can be used to clean up the thick area around the walkout from the stairs after clearing to the OB line.

I won't target anything beyond that for a 2 hour work party on Saturday.

Who wants to organize food/beverage fun to follow the work party? I don't know what happened at Willamette but it was well received.

Alex please post these post this on FB too, thanks. Now time to head to the lake!